Yummy Dog

Smarter, Healthier Pet Food.

Fresh food made from real ingredients for a healthier pup today and tomorrow. We gently cook our food in small batches so it's always fresh.

Skip the trip to the pet store! Meals are delivered directly to your door. Just open the box, defrost and serve.

Individual Packets or Plans Available Yummy Dog offers you the choice of purchasing individual packets of any flavor you like.

Meal Plans below for the best savings. dog food deliveries every month supported by a dedicated care team on hand to help you every day.

Proudly made on Long Island

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We Only Use The Freshest Ingredients!

You'll find a delicate blend of the following ingredients in each our four recipes.

Ground Beef, Ground Turkey, Ground Pork, Ground Chicken.

Beef liver, Sweet potato, carrot, spinach, Lentils, Safflower oil, salmon oil, broccoli, turnips, egg, chickpeas, green beans, cauliflower, potato, mushrooms, liver.

WE believe in fresh, healthy food for our dogs, and yours also. Help your dog live a fuller life. Stay home and let us bring the food to you. The best food for our furry friends.

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Individual Packets or Plans Available

Yummy Dog offers you the choice of purchasing individual packets of any flavor you like. You can continue to order Yummy Dog each month on your own, but we suggest after trying Yummy Dog you subscribe to one of our Meal Plans below for the best savings.

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Our Plans

Plans & Details

We have 5 Meal Plans to choose from depending on your dog.
Each meal is prepared in our kitchen, vacuum packed sealed in our insulated box and then delivered frozen to your doorstep the very next day.

If you like: You can customize your food plan by emailing us after purchase ( or before) to get what you would like, we do recommend at least 2 recipes as your dog would get tired of eating the same food ( like us).

We source all our ingredients locally to ensure freshness and quality.

Plan Details

Plan 1

0 - 10 lbs.
Chicken, Turkey, Beef, Pork
7 packets delivered
once per month.


Plan 2

10 - 20 lbs.
Chicken, Turkey, Beef, Pork
14 packets delivered
once per month.


Plan 3

20-35 lbs.
Chicken, Turkey, Beef, Pork
19 packets delivered
once per month.


Plan 4

35 - 50 lbs.
Chicken, Turkey, Beef, Pork
22 packets delivered
every 2 weeks.


Plan 5

50 - 65+ lbs.
Chicken, Turkey, Beef, Pork
20 packets delivered
every 10 days.



Why We Started

Yummy Dog began with our dog Bruno. A fussy eater going through countless dry dog food brands without eating them. Frustrated, we started cooking and researching the benefits of healthy natural clean human grade food that is good for him!

Since then, he has more energy, better poop’s, clearer eyes, shiner coat and a happy, calmer disposition. He is just an all around happier and healthier dog.

Experiencing such great results, we knew many friends who had the same frustrations with their dogs. So we thought wouldn't it be great to pass this along to all dog owners so they could live healthier and happier lives too?

And so Yummy Dog was born!

What Makes Us Different?

We make our dog food with the utmost care and dedication to the health and well being of your dog.

"We want the best for your dog."

Being locally sourced and prepared, we can deliver healthy fresh meals to your loved pet as soon and as fresh as can be.

Our Mission
"Our mission is to improve the food and lives of Long Island Parents and dogs everywhere by putting healthy, nutritious, fresh food in their bowl’s."


Our Food

Q: Why use Fresh Food?
A: When it comes down to it, commercial dog food isn’t a healthy option, and it really shouldn’t be an option at all. Why should your dog be exposed to ingredients and chemicals you wouldn’t feel comfortable being exposed to?

Q: Do I need to cook the food?
A: Just thaw and serve, sometimes a few seconds in the microwave to warm is a nice change.

Meal Plans

Q: How do I determine which plan to use?
A: Based on your dog, the 5 plans will fit the suggested amount of our healthy natural food.

Q: How do I determine my dog's portions?
A: dogs under 10 lbs can get 8 servings per package
dogs 10-20 lbs can get 4  servings per package
dogs 20-35 lbs can get 2  servings per package
dogs 35-50 lbs can get 1.5  servings per package
dogs 50-65+lbs can get 1  servings per package


Q: How do deliveries work?
A: Free shipping on any and all subscriptions and individual packet orders of 8 packets or more.

Q: When do my orders arrive?
A: Your order will be cooked and prepared after you order and shipped within a day or 2. 


Q: Can I change when my next order will arrive?
A: Yes , simply email us and we will customize your next delivery date.

Q: Can I suspend an order for a month?
A: Yes,  just email us! 



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